Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Whats that Smell?

This week has been some what of a laid back week.Monday tanner slept to 10 o'clock am. I knew something was wrong and he didn't feel good. He couldn't stop coughing. We had to go pay daddy's speeding ticket that he had gotten back in January. After that we came back home to clean up from the Easter bunny visiting us. When Tanner woke up from nap time I knew he needed to go to the doctor so i took him to the after hours clinic and Jeffrey met us up there! When he walked in you could smell an odor that wasn't pleasant. Ill tell you about that a little later. Tanner man ended up having a cough and runny nose because of the pollen but makes him feel 10x worse because hes still healing from his surgery. Poor baby has not been himself! Needless to say potty training was put on the back burner again.

Yesterday, was a very lazy day! Tanner wanted to lay around
and watch Alvin and the chipmunks(his favorite) so that's what we did. New movies came out and I couldn't get motivated to go to blockbuster to get them. Tanner used the potty 3 times today!

Today was much better. Tanner still felt bad and I needed to go grocery shopping. My mom insisted she would watch him at our house so, he wouldn't have to get out while I went shopping. I have to say I think we were out of everything! I had to buy Ketchup, mayo, and mustard. Crazy I know. I kinda felt like Jeffrey's Aunt Sunday when she thought she had ketchup and she didn't and they had cooked fish & fries. Tonight for dinner I cooked chicken tortilla soup and it was good. I found the recipe on the internet.

Jeffrey came home again today smelling like he has for the past 3 days now! Wanna know what the smell is? Do you have any idea? Jeffrey's been cleaning the floor at this certain house all week. Why would he come home smelling so bad that before I hug him he has to take a shower? Tanner used the potty twice today! Slowly but surely were making progress.

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