Sunday, March 28, 2010

Busy Week

So its been a week since the last time I blogged...Ive been super busy trying to "potty-train" Tanner. It's a "full-time" job! He's doing really good if only they came potty trained. Anybody have tips please let me know. He want potty unless he gets a jelly bean first then he'll potty.After that he gets a sticker to put on his potty chart.It's working so far. Friday, Jeff was off work so we spent the day doing yard work and pressure washing the house. Tanner loves being outside.Then Saturday morning we went to the circus and had a blast. Tanner loved the motorcycles(of course) and the animals the most. Jeffrey bought him a light up sword and boy did he think he was something. When we got home he had a dry diaper and went straight to the potty. I was so proud of him.

Before the Circus started...pony rides.

Tanner with his sword.
A dog riding a pony.
After the Circus!!!

Saturday Tanner man stayed with my Mimi and went to church with her. After church we met up and ate Lunch.This evening I was reading peoples blogs and came across one that caught my attention. It was about spring cleaning then had links from others who had tips and ideas on how they cleaned. This really got me in the mood. I have been cleaning ever since and got some really great ideas.

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