Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lazy Day

Today was one of those days where you just wanted to lay around and do nothing!Jeffrey and i slept late because his mom kept Tanner last night. When we woke up it was snowing outside. Crazy...huh? We just couldn't believe it! Tanner kept saying "snow""snow". We lounged around all evening watching T.V. and spending time together. After nap time I decided it was time to tackle Tanners play room that desperately needed to be cleaned. Its so hard to clean with a 2 yr old who thinks your playing and not cleaning. This is how it turned out.......not that its gonna stay like this very long!After cleaning Tanners playroom it was time for Dinner so i decided to cook Bacon, eggs, and biscuits with gravy. It was really good.I know marriage is something you have to work on everyday to show that person u love and appreciate them in every way. I have falling in love with Jeffrey again and it feels great! Maybe almost losing him made me realize that i dont want to live my life with out him in it. Tonight he asked me "did i want to marry him again?" And I said "what do you mean?'' That's when he said '' i want to have a wedding since we didn't get to have one." I would love to have a wedding and get to wear a wedding dress. We ended up just going to the justice of the peace to sign the marriage license. I feel like our relationship is starting over and were getting another shot at it. I thank God everyday that we got back together after splitting up and having every intention of getting a divorce. Jeffrey bought me roses they other day just because and i couldn't believe it.

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