Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Where did we spend our day?

Today was a really busy day for us! Tanner had to be at the ENT for a pre-operation exam at 8am this morning so 6am came really early. Thank God for coffee. I made homemade waffles for breakfast. Of course, they never get in a hurry for you to be seen so we spent hours in the waiting room. Then they send us to the lab to get blood drawn and after that to the hospital to fill out paper work. While at the hospital, when I'm trying to fill out info about tanner, he decides to take off out the sliding doors into the parking lot. By this point I was stressing out ready to go home.When we made it home, FINALLY, Tanner ate lunch and we laid on the couch watching Alvin & the chipmunks. My mom that I haven't seen in 2 months decided to stop by and pick up tanner for a little while. I got a little break to get everything ready for tomorrow. After dinner, Tanner was ready for bed because no nap was getting to him. We will be up early in the morning and I pray everything goes great!

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Melissa said...

i pray it all goes well too.. i know it will!