Tuesday, May 4, 2010

All in a short notice!

Not this past Sunday but, the Sunday before that (4-25-10) I got a call from my Urology Doctor wanting to do my surgery that Tuesday because they had an opening. So last Monday I spent the day organizing and packing for the hospital. We had to leave Monday evening because my surgery was in Shreveport. Tuesday morning came early, I ended up being the first to have surgery and spent all day in recovery to find out they didn't get any stones out. Read my other post about why I have kidney stones. The doctor said they didn't go in the right angle and were going to send me for a cat scan on Wednesday to get a better picture. Thursday was another try and a very good one. They ended up getting 13 stones out. When the Doctor made his rounds he was going to send me home on Friday but decided to schedule another surgery Friday to go in and remove my stint and use a camera to see if there were any more stones. Very good decision because they removed 3x the amount of stones as the did the day before. Finally, I was sent home on Saturday. I'm doing really good but just really sore! Oh and did I say how much I missed my boys? BUNCHES!!!

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