Thursday, April 22, 2010

We hate Pet Dander!

In my last post I asked "What was Tanner looking at?''
Here it is....Of Course puppies! He loves dogs but, we cant have one.Y? Because he's highly allergic to pet dander!

When Tanner was about 4 months old he was hospitalized for a rash from head to toe that they thought was from his milk. After changing his milk multiply times and days in the hospital it went away and we got to go home.

While staying at the hospital, Jeffrey's mom and step-dad kept our miniature Yorkie named Caper. Jeffrey and I then decided to let them have Caper since he would receive more attention with them and we still would get to see him. We were still in the process of house training him so, it took a lot of time and effort. After moving back from Baton Rouge, We decided to get Tanner an outside dog to play with. I found this family that were giving away labs. Jeffrey thought this was great and wanted to name him Drake. Tanner loved him! After about 2 weeks of having Drake, Tanner broke out into another rash. His Doctor then decided that it was time to see an allergy doctor. When the results came back that Tanner was highly allergic to pet dander we were shocked because that meant we had to get rid of Drake.It's sad that Tanner cant have a puppy because he loves them to death and freaks out when he sees them. Maybe he'll eventually grow out of it but some kids don't.

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Melissa said...

have you guys considered a dog like a poodle or a bichon frise? they are hypo allergenic. its what we have and my hubbys family has always had bc his sister is highly allergic to pet dander too. just a thought!