Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Pictures

Yesterday was a really busy day for us!We headed to the park that morning to take some pictures for Easter. I know kinda last minute but I'm such a procrastinator. Tanner just doesn't like to sit and take pictures so I "snapped" him in action. I really think they turned out good. He didn't feel all that great because he was running a low grade temp. The doc send it was normal after his surgery for about a week.Here's a few of them!
He was crying in this pick because he didn't like how the sand felt!He Loves to SwingHe was yelling for my AuntLoves his trucks
After taking pictures we went with my mom to eat lunch. My dad and sis met us there. Last night after Jeffrey got off work we went out to eat with my parents. We ended up going to the movies with my little sisters so my mom took Tanner with her. The "Last Song" was a really good movie! I cried like a baby.