Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Bunny & his Eggs!

Today was a fun filled day!First we went to the park for the Big Easter egg hunt. Tanner was scared to get down because of the Easter bunny and Maggie moos cow that was dressed up.He wouldn't even get close enough to take a picture with me holding him.When it started I still had to hold him while finding eggs. Tanner ended up finding a prize egg and got two free movie tickets to the movies. I saw friends that I went to school with there with their children. Its crazy how everyone is getting married and having babies. It feels like yesterday we were in high school.

After the Egg hunt we had to go to walmart to get eggs and dye because I totally forgot. After nap I boiled eggs then we ran up town to do a few things. When we got back it was time to dye the eggs. Jeffrey pretty much said I was really brave for dying eggs with a 2 yr old. He did really good though. Only cracked one eggs but we had a blast.
Hope everyone has a Happy Easter!

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